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What to expect during December at Little Angels Day Care

Whether your child attends Little Angels for nursery, preschool or creche sessions you will probably notice a few differences in what we do during the month of December. As they say ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year’ and we couldn’t agree more. In the run up to Christmas we will be very busy with lots of things planned for the children to guarantee that this year really is the most wonderful.

Christmas crafts and cooking

As you know children at Little Angels Day Care have the opportunity to cook and make crafts every single day. During the Christmas season we will collect all of your child’s cooking and craft creations and you can expect for them to come home on their last day before Christmas in a special, hand decorated Christmas gift bag.

Look what we've been making already - lolly stick reindeer.

Christmas songs

We all love to sing every day and there’s nothing more festive than a Christmas sing-song. You can expect your child to learn lots of new Christmas song, from the traditional to the down-right silly. In the next month you can expect to become experts in ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘When Santa got stuck up the Chimney’ and ‘Little Robin Red Breast’.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

What else?

The children have already been decorating and will continue to add sparkle and shine. As well as songs, cooking and crafts children will have a whole range of festive fun every day, from Christmas puzzles to sparkly sensory play, Christmas stories to present wrapping. We’d love to see what you’ve been up to at home, you can add your photos to Blossom and your child will share them with their friends during circle time.

Christmas Events

The Great Annual Christmas party

Regrettably this year we will be unable to invite parents to attend our annual Christmas party. However, we promise that this year’s party will be equally as wonderful as every party before it. We will have a Christmas disco, special Christmas snacks, Christmas party games and a very special Christmas visit from Santa Claus via video link. The party will take place on Wednesday 16th December from 1pm -3pm. There are a limited number of extra spaces available so if you child does not usually attend on a Wednesday afternoon please speak to a member of staff to book them in.

The Newest Tradition: Christmas Dinner

The annual Christmas dinner is one of our more recently adopted traditions and is more like a banquet than our usual lunch. We will be cooking up the works and donning our Christmas hats for the feast! Roast turkey, with roast potatoes, steamed vegetables including sprouts (optional), Yorkshire puddings, stuffing served with cranberry and bread sauces and gravy. There will also be a special festive desert. The meal will be charged at the usual £2.30 for two courses, if your child does not usually stay or lunch or does not usually have a hot meal then you can book them in for the Christmas lunch by asking a member of staff.


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