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Why Choose Little Angels?

Families from every background are welcomed at Little Angels Day Care and we look forward to building on your child's life experiences together with you.


We encourage curiosity, wonder and fun in our approach to learning together in an environment where every child is provided with learning experiences that meet their individual needs, wants and interests.


How we learn together


Key Persons

Your child is allocated a qualified, passionate member of staff who guides your child to reach individual goals in the 7 areas of learning in a way that best suits them.

All together now

At our home-from home nursery children of all ages learn together and from each other in one room. Socialisation across age groups is encouraged while learning experiences are tailored to each child's developmental stages. 


Respect and understanding

Children, their families and the staff at Little Angels feel valued and respected. We celebrate what make each of us unique and believe that everyone should be able to be their true self.


What do parents say about us?

"Thank you for all you and Little Angels have done during this time.

Your care and attention during challenging times has been exemplary.

What you have done for key worker children has been simply fantastic. I could not be happier with the nursery, the staff and the environment - and neither could my daughter.

Blossom Educational

Using the Blossom Educational app parents can be kept updated with their children’s progress the press of a button. We send updates, including photos and observations of children. Parents can view their child’s next steps and progress reports from anywhere to help them to continue their development at home.

Blossom Educational.png

Keep Us Up - To - Date

Parents can share the special moments captured at home, or anywhere.
We encourage parents to be more involved in their child’s development by capturing moments and sharing observations from home for us to build on. Parents can also send in their own comments.

What do Ofsted say about us?

"Children are happy, confident and secure because staff build positive relationships with them. This helps children to settle well at the nursery and to develop secure bonds with the adults caring for them."

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